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Venture Capital

We assist businesses to acquire venture funding.

Entrepreneurs need help with the following to get funded:

1.    Assessing their fundability.
2.    Determining the type of funding they should seek.
3.    Preparing a summary of their company that will attract attention.
4.    Understanding the terms and conditions investors will offer.

Being realistic about the fundability of company is critical for early stage entrepreneurs and getting connected to firms and organizations that are properly matched to your business will save much time, expense and aggravation.

Bridge Funding

We can find short-term funding needed to carry a business to investment, liquidity and/or IPO.

Non-Traditional Funding

We assist businesses seeking capital to acquire funding from a variety of non-traditional instruments. These instruments vary from PO financing (if you have significant revenue) to Regulation S investments.

Business Planning

We assist businesses to develop a business plans to seek financing,


Workforce Development

We assist businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions with workforce development.  We have deep experience in all aspects of workforce development including:

1.    Designing internal training programs with ROI;
2.    Accessing external grant funding from local, state and federal sources;
3.    Improving program delivery; and
4.    Creating effective partnerships that last.

Economic Development

We assist business with locating in communities that are best suited for them, identifying incentives for businesses and, creating partnerships with local governments. We also assist local governments with attracting the kinds of business they need to improve their local economy.

Community Empowerment

We assist communities in finding their voice, advocating for their needs and developing the partnerships they need to succeed.


Services for Business

We get you to the right person at local, state or federal government to resolve problems and save you time and money.

Advocacy and Communications

We develop advocacy and communications programs – both short and long term. We work with businesses, candidates, public agencies and educational institutions. We have special expertise in the Hispanic market.

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